Botanical Garden 2

BQ Aquaris E 4.5 Ubuntu Edition

I got a Ubuntu smartphone, the Aquaris E 4.5 Ubuntu Edition. The phone (hardware) is quite good, from what I can tell. Only downside is that is has an MediaTek CPU in it. The software is still in a early stage: usable, but it lacks some major features. There is for instance no IMAP compatible mail client and the app-store has only very few apps. But anyway I am quite impressed how far this project has come. Here is a example of the camera, fair for a 170€ phone, I would say.

Botanical Garden Dresden

The season starts … you can go there every day and every day something new blossoms. Very nice!

I am also quite impressed by the Sony α5100 camera, the pictures are not bad for such a small and light non-DSLR.